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Explore our fireplace options and accessories

From decorative fronts to heart logs, we have everything you need to customize your new fireplace to match your home's design and color schemes. Please feel free to give us a call with any questions!

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Decorative accessories allow you to tailor your firebox or fireplace to your decor. Choose louvers in four patterns - slat, arched, leaf, and mission - finished in matte black, hammered pewter, polished brass, or brushed stainless steel.


Matching door sets and frames complete the transformation from your fireplace to any adjoining surface - wooden material, tile, stone, or any non-combustible material. Choose from steel frames - with traditional crisp lines - or our extruded aluminum frames - with a profile that combines gentle concaves with flat surfaces. Our bottom trim completes the fourth side of the color frame.

Decorative Fronts and Outer Frames

All brick liners are designed to ensure rich detail and lasting beauty. All liners are made from ceramic fiber unless otherwise noted. Liner availability varies by fireplace.


• Refractory Brick liners are constructed of heat-resistant concrete and have gray bricks and mortar cleanly stacked in running bond courses.

• Herringbone liners have burnt umber bricks in a herringbone pattern with light mortar.

• Aged Brick liners have brown bricks with charcoal mortar in running bond courses, plus smoked accents.

• Banded Brick liners have dark "creamed-coffee" bricks with charcoal mortar in running bond courses plus an accent band of diagonal brick.

• Traditional liners have burnt umber bricks with light gray mortar in running bond courses.

• Stacked Stone liners have stones of varying depth and color for a rustic cabin look.

• Black Reflective and Stainless Steel liners reflect flames to add dimension to the inside of the firebox.

Fireplace Liners

Decorative door purchases include handles, screens and hinges. Decorative Trim is available in Classic Matte Black, Modern Stainless Steel, Rich Hammered Pewter, and Traditional Polished Brass (limited supply). Colors and styles vary by fireplace.

Decorative Doors

Decorative Frame Rectangle with hinge mounting points or Decorative Frame Arch, available without hinge mounting points and in Matte Black only.

Decorative Frames

Decorative louvers come with screens. Available in Arch, Leaf or Mission style.

Decorative Louvers

The Empire brand manufactures log sets and burners designed to meet any application. Sizes range from 16" to 30", and log pieces vary from very thin to massive. The White Mountain Hearth collection from Empire is guaranteed to have just the thing to meet the needs of your and your fireplace.


We offer both ceramic fiber and traditional refractory concrete logs. Each log is meticulously hand-painted with beautiful, convincing details. All burners are available in Natural Gas and LP models.


Our Vented/Vent-Free Burners  (Harmony, Slope Glaze, and Contour) are approved for use in any certified vent-free firebox. If you currently have a wood-burning fireplace, they may be installed with the damper closed, to operate as a vent-free heating system.


Our millivolt and manual burners are also certified for installation as vented log sets, so long as the installer blocks the fireplace damper partially open. We include a special flue-damper clamp with the burner. Keep in mind that a vented burner is not intended for use as a heating system and is not capable of being operated by a thermostat.

The White Mountain Heart Log Collection

Our Harmony Burner serves as the basis for our premium line of meaty, massive log sets - the Wildwood and Canyon. The Harmony Burner line includes a special extended burner bed model. Special baffles within the burner induce movement in the flow of gas to accentuate the naturally flickering flames.


• Standard and Expanded Bed burners

• 24-inch (38,000 btu) and 30-inch (40,000 btu) models in Vented/Vent-Free

• Millivolt models include an on/off switch, but will operate with Empire remote controls and thermostats (VFNR)

• Intermittent Pilot models include a variable flame height thermostat remote control (30 percent turndown) (VFXI & VFNI)

• Choose Wildwood Refractory, Super Wildwood Refractory, or Canyon Ceramic Fiber Log Set

• Standard Pilot models include a variable flame height remote control (VFXV)

• Made in U.S.A.

Harmony Burners and Matching Log Sets

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